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General Info


For correct ordering, and to ensure no delays in shipment of your order, the following descriptive data must be listed.

  • Quantity: Most of the items are ordered in per each quantities. The following are the exceptions to this rule:
    1. Push/Pull Bar Sets – these come in sets of a door pull and a pushbar.
    2. 1560 & 1562 which come two per box
  • Catalog Number: Select a catalog number. Please do not order using government or BHMA numbers.
  • Size: Please indicate the size of the product. Push plates, pull plates, door pulls, pushbars, push/pull bar sets,
    door edgings and kick plates all need a size, whether it be center-to-center or size of the plates.
  • Additional Information: Special fasteners, i.e., Torx screws, scotch mounting and special mountings. Any cutouts, such as cut for cylinder, cut for t-turn, cut for lock, and cut for flush bolt. With any cutouts, please provide detailed drawings showing the locations of these cutouts on the plate with the dimensions and sizes.
  • Finish: When the finish is the same for both inside and outside of the door, it is shown once (630). On a pull plate, the plate is indicated first, then the pull. Example: 1 ea. 7116 pull plate 4 x 16 630.


Please specify BMHA numbers when ordering finishes. If old U.S. finish number is ordered, all paperwork and shipping materials will be marked with BMHA numbers